Pre Academy Development Program

The Pre academy development program (PADP) is structured towards players who want to work in an Academy environment, and constantly work towards bringing up their overall skills level of soccer. This program contains both full time athletes whose goal is to progress into one of our competitive academy program (CAP) and also athletes who want to work under Mapola FC & Academy development systems but is committed to other organizations. Players in this structure will train 2 times a week.

Any (PADP) player is eligible and encouraged to work their way up in to our full time competitive program, but first either must demonstrate the commitment, talent and capacity to handle the demands of the (CAP) The program will commence full time at the beginning of April and will be separate from the (CAP) training and game schedule. A more intimate ratio of training will be kept at 1 coach per 12 kids grouped in settings based on criteria set forth by the Academy Director. (PADP) athletes will play a minimum of one game every 15 - 20 days in competitive setups unless specifically declined upon registration of the Athlete by parent.

(PADP) athletes will be measured against (CAP) once per month with no regard to age or size All (PADP) athletes will be given clear feedback from Mapola FC regarding their progress within the (PADP). Reports will be sent in via online resources to both player and parent, with detailed information on the athlete and recommendations moving forward. This information will be set at the discretion of the Director of Players Development of Mapola FC with input from Coaches. Any third party organization club team or small rep team setting looking for extra training will immediately default into our (PADP) setup – no athletes that fall under this category will be eligible to train or mix in with any (CAP) unless specified by the Academy Director.

Training will be held twice a week for 4 hours. Focus Areas: