Mapola Football Club is pleased to announce that Woodbridge Soccer Club has chosen Mapola FC as their Official Academy in the Canadian tier one club and academy structure. 
Woodbridge Soccer Club is one of the largest providers of soccer in Canada, having been operating since 1976 with a vision to create a soccer club that would positively impact the lives of children throughout Ontario.

Mapola looks forward to engaging with Woodbridge soccer club on a number of initiatives, starting with Woodbridge SC and Mapola FC to conduct joint training sessions in Brampton for current and potential OPDL players of Woodbridge SC.

Mapola FC will lead such training session in Brampton and the training program and delivery to be mutually agreed upon by technical directors of both Organizations.

Any additional cost for such program to be mutually agreed upon by both organizations.

Woodbridge SC and Mapola FC agrees to have players movement between both organization. In this regard Mapola player will serve as call up for Woodbridge OPDL teams of their age group, or as call up for rep teams in upper age group from the mapola player age group. Woodbridge rep player will be call up to play with Mapola in OASL or tournament No OPDL player will be call up to Mapola at no time during the season. Quantity to be mutually agreed with selective teams of Mapola FC.

Coaching clinics and technical support programs will be agreed between technical directors of both organization.

Player identification and movement process.

Player identification to start at U11, identification process will be handled by both Mapola FC and Woodbridge SC technical director/ Head Coach.

Identified player and parents to be notified through mutual document and communication.

Starting at U12, Woodbridge SC will have the opportunity to invite the player for select training with OPDL age group and/ or select for the tournaments and festival providing there is no conflict with their current teams.

All transfer arrangement must be communicated through technical directors of Woodbridge SC and Mapola FC.

The player and family’s decision to transfer, or not, must be respected by both organizations.

The player is only to transfer if he or she will be on the 18- player roster. If the player is not ready, for the main OPDL roster, will remain with Mapola FC and Woodbridge SC will have the opportunity to call the player up for OPDL games.

Upon such transfer Woodbridge SC recognizes Mapola FC player development program’s contribution and Mapola FC reciprocally acknowledges the opportunity provided by Woodbridge SC in further development of the player.

If Woodbridge SC release the player from Its OPDL Squad, Mapola FC must be notified and the player must be released back to his/ her original team.

Mapola FC will also support Woodbridge SC in the recruitment and training of OPDL Players.

The Executive Director of Football at Mapola Football Club, commented: “We are excited to be working with Woodbridge Soccer Club. I have long been aware of the great work Woodbridge Soccer Club do to grow our game in Ontario and increasingly, in other parts of the province .

“The formation of this partnership is another sign of the club’s continued progression through collaboration with football organisations that share similar values to us and have a commitment to growing football for everyone who wants to turn their potential into excellence.”

Mike Rietta, President at Woodbridge soccer club, added: “Everyone at Woodbridge is proud and very excited to have teamed up with Mapola FC.
“Given the reputation of their Academy and their tremendous track record of young player development, teaming up with Mapola makes perfect sense for Woodbridge Soccer Club. 

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